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Athlete’s Game Changer is a business that works with high-potential athletes by helping them maximize their performance through mindset mastery. We’ve all seen and heard about athletes who are highly talented but can’t seem to execute when it really matters. Athlete’s Game Changer aims to change that behaviour.

Susan Kovacs, owner of Athlete’s Game Changer, describes the site as “the the legal steroid to help athletes break through whatever it is that’s holding them back.”

Susan began the Athlete’s Game Changer podcast in July 2018 to bring her expertise to athletes that she may not have been able to reach before.

I decided to start the podcast because I could see there was a gap in the amount of and quality of information available to athletes, parents and coaches,” she says. “It has also allowed me to expand my reach and increase the number of athletes that I’m able to impact.”

Susan had been wanting to start a podcast for over a year but was intimidated by the level of technological knowledge required. She says, “every time I looked at hiring someone to do it for me, the prices were astronomical. I was researching online when I came across East Coast Studio. I sent an email and they responded almost immediately which impressed me, as some of the other firms took up to 2 days to respond.

Susan has worked with East Coast Studio for every episode of the Athlete’s Game Changer podcast, much to her enjoyment.

East Coast Studio took care of everything for me from the voiceover and music for the intro and outro to setting everything up on my website. The workflow is extremely seamless, and I have total faith that the podcast will always be to the highest standard. I’ve had many people comment on how professional the podcast sounds and that’s all thanks to East Coast Studio.”

Regarding how podcasting has been, Susan remarks, “I absolutely love it! It has increased my business significantly already. Having the podcast has made coming up with social media posts so much easier as it gives me an opportunity to talk about my guests and share what I’ve learned from them.”

Clearly, Susan shows no signs of stepping away from the mic anytime soon.

“It has been an absolute joy working with East Coast Studio. They have made what could be an extremely stressful time a worry-free, pleasurable experience.”

Take a listen to The Athletes’ Game Changer Podcast or get in touch with East Coast Studio to learn more about starting your very own podcast!