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We’ve all been sucked in by movie trailers on Netflix or Amazon Prime. You’re about to switch the TV off, when all of a sudden, a trailer grabs you by the eyeballs. An hour later, you’re watching that show’s second episode. What if there was a similar way for your podcast to catch the eye of people casually browsing a platform like Apple podcasts? With podcast trailers, there is! But, how long should a podcast trailer be?

A podcast trailer works on the same principles as a movie trailer. You give your potential listeners just enough info about your show to entice them to look up full-length episodes. The trailer for your show can hook listeners and give them the low down on what they’ll get from your episodes. You can also pin it right at the top of your podcast homepage to catch your potential audience’s attention.

Benefits of Making a Trailer

Of course, you’re already making the most of the space allowed for a written description of your show to take advantage of the SEO benefits. But imagine how attractive a small chunk of audio would be in showcasing your podcast and getting the audience familiar with your voice. A creatively crafted trailer gives a sneak peek into your show and demonstrates to potential listeners just what they’ll get when they subscribe. Still, it’s not just a way to turn passers-by into loyal listeners. It has phenomenal versatility as a marketing tool!

You can use a trailer to bring attention to your podcast by:

  1. Embedding your trailer on the front page of your website. By doing this, visitors to your site can be easily introduced to your podcast.
  2. Turning your trailer into the perfect audiogram to post to your social media platforms to gain even more reach.
  3. Trading trailers with another show in your niche. If you build relationships with other podcasters, then you could leverage one another’s audiences to gain new listeners.
  4. Using your trailer to make your entry into the world of podcasting seamless. Submit your trailer to the major podcast directories as a path to getting approved and listed. Your launch will then be a breeze as you won’t have to worry about delays when episode one is ready to go

Creating Your Trailer

Your trailer needs to tease the best bits of the show, giving hints about all the great stuff listeners will hear on the episodes that follow, while holding back enough to intrigue them. There are a few integral pieces of information to include when you’re making your podcast trailer. First of all, don’t forget to include the name of your podcast at least a couple of times. It’s essential that the listener remembers what your fantastic show is called. Describe your show, too. Make it clear what your audience will be hearing when they tune in, in a way that resonates with your listeners and matches the tone of your podcast.

You might be thinking about hiring a voice-over artist to make your trailer. This can save you time, but remember, you want your audience to connect with your unique voice. Therefore, it’s probably a better bet to dive right in and record the trailer yourself.

Let potential listeners know where to find you and how they can hear more. Drop your website, your social media links, and the platforms they’ll find the show on. This helps your audience find and connect with you in addition to cluing them into all the ways you share your quality content.

How Long Should a Podcast Trailer Be?

Don’t make your trailer too long, and don’t go into excessive detail and stuff your podcast taster with too much. After all, the goal is to leave them wanting more! Around 30 seconds to 1 minute is the optimum length to grab interest and direct listeners to the full shows.

Key Takeaways

The secret to a trailer that reels your potential audience in is to deliver all the critical details in a creative way. It must engage and intrigue them right over to their favorite podcast platform to subscribe. Be authentic, be clear, and be concise about what listeners will find when they tune in.