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So you’ve made the decision to start podcasting, but now you’re wondering how often should you post new episodes?

There are a variety of strategies, so every podcast is different. Some are purposely trying to do shorter episodes 5 days per week, others only want to do a monthly update, so there’s no real right or wrong answer. Even so, there are some best practices you may want to follow!

Consistency Is Key

We as humans are habitual. Most of us thrive with specific daily routines, we may have a particular class on a certain night of the week, or a regular get-together with friends every Saturday. Consistent, predictable things easily fit into our lifestyles, and your podcast should be no exception. Having a consistent schedule, no matter how frequently you post, will train your audience to remember when your next episode is coming – and look forward to it! Setting and meeting expectations is one of the best ways you can grow a loyal following.

Striking a Balance

There is lots to consider when determining what release schedule is ideal for your podcast. If your podcast covers hot topics then you may want to do a daily release so the content is fresh. If your content is not time-sensitive then you may not have a need for such frequent releases.

You’ll also need to consider resources and budget. If you’re already pressed for time, what type of release schedule can you keep up with? Weekly? Bi-weekly? Monthly? How about your costs for editing? Do you have the budget and/or the time for daily episodes?

Weekly certainly seems to be the most common release schedule, with other common choices being weekdays, twice per week, bi-weekly, and monthly.

You may find it difficult to build momentum at a monthly level, but in some cases that may not even be required, so it really comes down to your unique situation.

It’s worth noting that we’ve rarely, if ever, seen anybody able to keep up with publishing more than once per week, despite their best intentions. Even if they can do it for a few weeks, inevitably they get off track.

Length Considerations

Hand-in-hand with the decision about podcast release frequency is how long should those podcast episodes be? Again here, consistency is ideal, so try to keep on track from episode to episode with fairly similar lengths.

As a general rule of thumb, the more frequent you release, the shorter the episodes should be. This is of higher importance if you release daily. In most cases, you won’t want to release daily episodes any longer than 15 minutes.

Weekly is more flexible with anywhere from 15-60 minutes in length being reasonable. If you release monthly then it may be all right to go a little longer, but generally 60 minutes is a nice length to cap your podcast at. If you find yourself needing more time, you may want to assess possibly splitting your episodes or exploring ways to deliver your content in a more concise manner. Listeners only have a limited amount of time, so you want to be sure to respect their decision of allocating some of it to you!


If you have more questions about podcasting, please get in touch for a same-day response.