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After a pre-launch period of collecting podcast submissions, Amazon Music now officially lists podcasts, similar to Apple Podcast’s and Spotify’s directory. At launch, the service was made available in four countries: U.S., U.K., Germany, and Japan. More will be added in the future. In February 2021, the service officially launched in Canada as well.

In addition to some of its own exclusive series’, Amazon Music came out of the gate with about 70,000 podcasts listed in total. This is a far cry from the 1 million+ on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, but of course the number will grow over time as additional podcast publishers submit their feeds to Amazon.

Users can listen to podcasts with the Amazon Music app, online, or using an Amazon Echo device.

How to List Your Podcast on Amazon Music

Interested in adding your podcast to Amazon Music? You should be! With 55 million Amazon Music users at present, the platform is a great way to reach new listeners.

You’ll need to submit your podcast either through your hosting provider (if offered) or manually by visiting this link. East Coast Studio clients may contact us to take care of this submission!