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Clubhouse is a new audio-based social media app which allows users to have discussions with people from all over the world in real time.

Being an audio medium, Clubhouse has drawn the attention of podcasters and content creators who are curious to know if the app can be leveraged to help grow their following and increase interaction!

In this article we’ll take a closer look at the Clubhouse app and how you can use it to help grow your podcast.


How Clubhouse Works

At present time, Clubhouse is a drop-in audio chat platform where everything happens in real time. Rooms are created by hosts who moderate the discussion. Users who enter the room are able to raise their hand, and can speak when given permission by the host.

An important note is that, at least for now, Clubhouse does not offer any recording function natively.

It is possible to record the room, either with your phone’s screen record function or another method of capturing the audio output. Note that this is against Clubhouse’s community guidelines UNLESS you make it very clear that the room is being recorded.

But, as designed, Clubhouse is meant to be for live discussions only. There is no built-in way to replay a broadcast or download a copy.


Promote Your Podcast Using Clubhouse

Similar to how you would use Instagram or Facebook to grow your audience and promote your podcast on those platforms, you can do the same on Clubhouse.

You can:

  1. Grow your clout. Host discussions or join other discussions. Get your name out there, build some credibility, and be sure to promote your social media accounts on your profile.
  2. Network with podcast hosts and guests. You can find other interesting people to join into your podcast as a guest, as well as other podcast hosts who would like to have you on.
  3. Create a Club based on a topic relating to your podcast.
  4. Offer up a free lead magnet when you’re hosting or on stage!


Will Clubhouse Kill Podcasts?

Podcasts are a dominant audio medium, but can Clubhouse take over?

Anything’s possible, but at this time, Clubhouse appears to be a compliment to podcasts rather than a replacement.

Clubhouse content is not designed to be replayed. Therefore, it cannot be listened to in the future or be considered evergreen content. It’s not available on-demand like a podcast.

As well, Clubhouse content cannot be polished or edited into a pristine episode as podcasts are. Some people also doubt the app’s future, and Twitter is even rolling out a competing product called Twitter Spaces after discussions to buy Clubhouse were unsuccessful. Facebook is also trialing a similar feature called Hotline, Spotify purchased Locker Room, and messaging app Telegram recently updated to allow limitless voice chats which can even be recorded.


There you have it, some thoughts on how you can make use of the new Clubhouse app to help grow your podcast and interact with your audience!

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