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Major podcast directories such as iTunes now allow podcast creators to set trailers which give potential listeners an idea of what they can expect from listening. To do this, the functionality must be supported by your podcast host. Let’s take a look at why having a trailer can benefit your show greatly and in various ways.

What is a podcast trailer?

Much like a movie trailer, a podcast trailer is a quick preview of your podcast that can impact a person’s decision about whether they will listen or not. They are utilized in different capacities depending on the podcast platform. For example, Apple Podcasts can pin your trailer to the top of a user’s podcast feed, providing you with a chance to grab the attention of potential listeners. In 2020, Spotify implemented a very similar system.

In addition to the actual content of the trailer, listeners will also consciously or subconsciously hear the level of professionalism and quality of your podcast based on things like audio quality, use of music and/or professional voiceover.

How can I use a trailer for my podcast?

The main focus of your trailer is to promote your podcast. However, this can be done in several different ways.

Maybe you haven’t even recorded your first episode yet? In this case, you can create a trailer telling listeners what to expect when you make your first release. This is particularly useful since many podcast hosting services require an episode to be uploaded right away when setting up an account.

Maybe you are starting a new season? If your podcast follows a seasonal structure similar to a television series, it might be a good idea to let your listeners know what to expect in the new season or catch them up with what happened in the previous one.

Maybe you’re looking for new listeners? As previously mentioned, some hosting platforms will share your trailer with users who may be interested. Potential listeners may check out your trailer first, before diving into some real episodes.

What should my trailer contain?

There are some fundamentals that should be included in virtually all trailers. These include explaining quickly yet effectively what the podcast is about and a call to action for the listener.

You may do a simple voice recording of yourself describing the podcast, include some highlights from previous episodes, or create suspense and hype! Feel free to let your creativity run wild.

How can I get a podcast trailer?

A growing number of podcast hosts offer you the ability to set a trailer for your podcast. If you’d like to create a trailer for your podcast or have any questions, contact us today by sending an email or scheduling a call!