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The audio quality of your podcast has a huge impact on retaining an audience, and makes the difference between sounding professional – or sounding like a bedroom newbie. There’s nothing wrong with recording in a bedroom (but nobody has to know!)

The basics of a professional sounding podcast are a well-produced intro and outro, consistent audio levels, good recording quality, low levels of background noise, and no bad audio edits or long periods of silence.

Here are some simple tips to ensure your podcast recording sounds great!

1) It all starts with the recording

The best sounding podcasts always begin with a quality recording. Doing your podcast with loud background noise or in an echoey room, and then hoping to magically fix it all in editing, will never yield optimal results. Applying heavy noise and/or echo reduction not only doesn’t fix the problem completely, but ends up degrading the audio, so you always end up with a worse sounding product than getting a beautifully clean recording in the first place.

This is also greatly impacted by your recording equipment. Using a root vegetable or smartphone’s built-in microphone will never sound as good as if you make the investment into a decent microphone like the Blue Yeti (affiliate link). No amount of editing will change this, plus cheap microphones lend themselves to adding noise and echo, which leads back to the first part of this point.

The best-sounding podcasts begin with a great recording, and then use the editing and mastering stage as a way to enhance the sound rather than repair it.

2) Have a nice intro and outro

Your intro and outro are essentially the brand for your podcast. It’s important to have a brief message at the beginning explaining what the podcast is. This gives a great impression and lets listeners know that they’ve found a quality podcast.

Ideally this should be voiced by a professional voiceover talent, rather than yourself. These are very affordable today with marketplace websites such as Fiverr.

3) Proper editing and mastering

There’s a lot more to editing a podcast than simply attaching the intro and outro to your recording.

Your podcast editor and their studio may resemble this charming stock photo.

Even the basics are important. Most raw recordings, at the very least, will have inconsistent audio levels. Jarring and sudden spikes in levels, or low passages, can be startling and annoying to listeners who have to constantly adjust their volume. Not only is this annoying, it’s just a true sign of amateur hour. Every podcast should have this simple thing under control.

Beyond the basics, correct editing and mastering will enhance the sound so it’s as clear and clean as possibly, beefing up the sound quality to give that real professional touch.

In addition to the basic sound adjustments, you may also opt for editing which reduces ums, stumbles, crutch words, long pauses, etc to greatly improve the speech flow. This makes your podcasts much more enjoyable to listen to and ensures all speakers are sounding confident and certain in the discussion.

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