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Spotify continues to show its support for the podcasting medium, bringing another round of updates and improvements that will make podcasters smile!

Spotify’s listener-base is a massive untapped potential for podcast listening, with only about 16% of its users currently engaging with podcast content.

A redesign of the podcast area of the Spotify mobile app helps listeners discover new shows and makes it easier to see information about podcasts.They’ve also highlighted podcast trailers, making it a great time for you to create one if you don’t yet have a trailer!

The new design actually seems to take some inspiration from Apple Podcasts, where Spotify is likely trying to entice some users from. Whether listening to music or podcasts, any additional time spent with Spotify is a good thing for the company who earns money from both subscription and ad revenue.

Check out more about Spotify’s changes here.

Any news like this from large media companies is always welcome, as it shows their long-term commitment and belief in the podcasting medium, helping to welcome new listeners to the podcasting medium, and creating larger audiences for podcasters!