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Great podcast show notes are arguably just as important as great audio content within your podcast.

Written content included with each podcast episode serves 3 main purposes:

  1. A resource for existing listeners where they can easily find links and resources discussed.
  2. A way to encourage existing or potential subscribers to actually click play on that episode.
  3. Helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so search engines can find and display your content to those who are searching for it.

Now, let’s break each of these benefits of podcast show notes down in further detail.

Resource for Existing Listeners

Your podcast episode may contain calls to action, discussions about books, websites, articles, etc. It’s important to make this all easily available for listeners to find. Having a page for each episode containing links to anything mentioned in the show is an excellent idea, and listeners will thank you. This also helps drive traffic to your website, where possibilities are then endless, and you can benefit from things such as advertising revenue, newsletter signups, etc.

Encourage Episode Plays

Just because someone is subscribed to your podcast, doesn’t mean they’ll listen to each episode religiously. They may not be interested, or, if you don’t have proper show notes, not know they’re interested. When a new episode of your podcast pops up on a listener’s podcast app, or they’re looking through episodes on your site, they’ll see the show notes text preview first. If the notes aren’t written in an engaging way, or lack enough detail, the person may decide to skip that episode.

Helps with SEO and Discover-ability

While we may not be far off from search engines being able to index audio, for the time being, text is still important for SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. This is essentially a search engine’s ability to show your website as a result to people searching for that content. There’s now even a website which exists solely for sifting through podcast show notes!

You may have an excellent audio podcast episode, but without well-written show notes, it is essentially invisible to search engines. The only way for the episode to display in search results is to include great notes along with it.

It should go without saying that doing a podcast without show notes is hardly worth doing at all! East Coast Studio offers a great notes-writing service along with our editing, should you need it. We can professional edit your episode and supply professional show notes along with it, which will include time-stamps (optional), descriptions of the discussion, summary, and all links/resources mentioned.

Can we help with your podcast show notes? Book a no-pressure call today to chat!