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Smart speakers, such as the Amazon Echo, are rapidly gaining market share and becoming common items for many households. Amazon’s offering allows users to ask a virtual assistant, Alexa, for music, news, the answer to just about any question, and more. In Q2 2018 alone, sales of the Amazon Echo (including the smaller Amazon Echo Dot) were about 3.6 million.

About 40% of smart speaker users ask their device for news. Now, there is a way that your brand can reach this hot new market that prefers to get their news from their Amazon Echo. Amazon’s platform allows content providers to create and users to listen to Flash Briefings.

What is a Flash Briefing?

In the simplest terms, a Flash Briefing is a one to ten-minute-long piece of audio that can be played on an Amazon Echo. Content providers can update their Flash Briefing hourly, daily, or monthly. Users can subscribe to Flash Briefings and have them played back simply by asking their device, “what is my Flash Briefing?”

Advantages over Podcasts

Though podcasts are a great tool for marketing your brand and keeping users engaged, some people may find that they don’t have thirty or sixty minutes to commit to listening to one. With each individual Flash Briefing being under ten minutes (with about one-to-two minutes being the recommended length), it’s easier for busy consumers to still absorb your brand’s message even if there isn’t much free time in their day. Of course, you can even use the Flash Briefing as a teaser for your podcast’s full-length episode.


In addition to the maximum length, there are a few other requirements to be aware of. Some are obvious: for example, the content you are delivering must not infringe any copyrights.

There are also several audio requirements for a Flash Briefing, including: program loudness for Alexa should average -14 dB LUFS/LKFS, and the true-peak value should not exceed –2 dBFS. If these requirements sound intimidating to you, there’s no need to worry. East Coast Studio can edit your brand’s Flash Briefing audio to ensure that it meets all requirements set out by Amazon. We can also set up your Flash Briefing as an Alexa Skill and schedule your briefings for release

To learn more about Flash Briefings, contact East Coast Studio today.